CeraTattva InnoTech

About CeraTattva InnoTech

CeraTattva InnoTech (CTIT) Pvt. Ltd., is Laboratory For High Performance Ceramics based private company under the aegis of Ceramics Technologies Group, Centre of Excellence in Materials and Manufacturing for Futuristic Mobility, an Institute of Eminence (IoE) initiative,IIT Madras.

With its origin traced to the humble beginnings of lab scale experimentation, CeraTattva InnoTech Pvt. Ltd is the classic example of a successful endeavor in the realm of translational research. Combining the right mix of experience, expertise, and exuberance we proudly announce ourselves as India’s first private company that develop preceramic precursors/polymers and ceramics curated for diverse applications ranging from niche areas like defense, and space to automotive sectors.

Currently focused on providing cost effective fibre spinning devices and specialty precursors, CeraTattva aims to expand its product portfolio into developing bioceramics, and next generation armors. Catering to the worldwide increase in demand of biomedical implants, CeraTattva plans to bring out state-of-the art, precision engineered bioinert ceramics. In line with the current and future demands for a fossil- free future, we aim to join forces in the humanitarian quest to envisage a hydrogen-based economy. Our feet firmly rooted and with an eye on the future for the greater good, we aim to venture into energy storage sector

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